You sit one day and realize that you’ve being caught in your own web for just so long….and then all that comes to mind is,
 “How the hell did all this happen?”.You do not even have the courage to ask yourself when it all began.
 Your heart becomes just so heavy you think you’re losing your mind.Its almost
 like the walls are closing in and you’re suffocating. No one seems to
 understand.You think of the saying that nothing is new under the sun,yet
It makes no sense. You wish you could go back in time and change
 something…and then in your confused state,you realize you have no idea
 what exactly you could have changed…
Slowly..self directed anger begins to set in. You let self disgust creep it’s way into your heart…and then…
Nothing changes. Giving up on life doesn’t change anything. There’s so much to be done with every passing minute….
There’s so much you can do to change your situation….
It doesn’t matter your background,or your past….# turn your scars to stars and do not let your background set you back.


20 thoughts on “THE MAN IN THE MIRROR

  1. Very true and well expressed. Blaming your background/upbringing/something or someone else may be seem like a nice piece of escapology when it actually imprisons you. The bars can only be removed from your cell when you accept responsibility for your life.
    Sorry, forgot myself and came over all serious there for a moment.

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    1. Haha it’s alright,it shows you appreciate it and get the point,im glad and you’re so right,blaming anyone or your background doesn’t change anything it only pulls you down and adds to your problems,accepting responsibility for your own life,makes the difference


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