The Black Label

Hi everyone! So once again,a topic surfaced... And we've been having this argument for months now. Let's get your opinion,see what you think! WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU HEAR "BLACKS",  A RACE/COLOR? What does being black mean to you? Is it just a tag? Heritage? A skin color? Africa? What makes Africa black? What … Continue reading The Black Label


When you decide to get married note…

"When you decide to get married,note that you are embracing positives as well as negatives. Bear in mind that he or she wouldn't just change all of a sudden because he or she is married to you. You must have realised he or she has such an attribute,you'll eventually bear to live with it,if indeed … Continue reading When you decide to get married note…


THE NIGERIAN MOVIE INDUSTRY Truthfully ive never been a fan of Ghollywood. I mean,they have got beautiful actors and actresses,but there's something called being "dynamic". It's not cool seeing the same faces act different roles in thousands of movies over and over again when fresh talents could easily be slotted in. And again,I don't have … Continue reading THE NIGERIAN MOVIE INDUSTRY