Hi everyone!
So once again,a topic surfaced… And we’ve been having this argument for months now. Let’s get your opinion,see what you think!

What does being black mean to you?
Is it just a tag?


A skin color?

What makes Africa black?
What makes you black?
Are you even black?!

Let’s keep it coming in!!!



11 thoughts on “BLACK!!!

  1. When I hear the word black the color/Africans all come to me. But what sticks is the moral part. Black as being impure and surprisingly it’s the basis of the black we view Africans as. We believe the white skin is pure. We even say our minds are back if we’ve sinned. But a white also sins, why do we still sew him as white (pure)
    I’m African

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  2. In all honesty the first thing I think of is the color. Then followed by a race of people. Rarely do I connect it with Africa, because well I’m not from there. Ancestors sure but they are probably way way way down the family tree.

    I also think of the stereotypical image of blacks and how I’m often seen as “white” because of how I don’t fit that mold. Personally I feel like race should never play a part in describing someone because you automatically assume this or that about them. Just see people. There are bad apples in every race.

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    • I totally agree with you. But some people think they are blacks simply because they were tagged blacks and they are Africans. They think black is a heritage..their heritage. Shouldn’t black just be based on skin color? Do you think black goes beyond skin color? What do you think?

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      • 🤔 black can be a heritage sure… But how many American black people really continue with the cultural aspect of African black people here? If that makes sense. Logically black should probably be based on skin color but that also leads to additional tags like the yellow black person: a black person with lighter skin. But there is also the “Well I have like 1% of black in me so that makes me black” mindset. I’m certain I have Native American blood but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go join a tribe on a conservation. I think people just like the ideas of labels especially with race because it keeps everyone in a place so to speak. An excuse to place blame somewhere else, even amongst the black community.

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