Dews on Wasteland by Samuel James

Is there aught so pregnant and potent As the wondrous embodiment of young breasts? Springing forth the green seed of heavy lightness Where harsh winds and storms do quietly rage, Ceasing when some queer calmness speaks peace In cheerful hours of hale and hearty company. Like dews which on wastelands drop at morn Their spirits … Continue reading Dews on Wasteland by Samuel James


Flesh by Laura Minning

Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, and dreams are meant to be shard.   That’s what he thought. That’s what he always wanted.   He was so full of life. His soul was free, but his body was weighted with illness.   His heart grew heavy with each passing day, but he never gave up, … Continue reading Flesh by Laura Minning

Blessings by Laura Minning

  May your love blossom with the ever present passing of time.   May you always know happiness and sunshine.   May you never know sorrow or rain.   And may your hearts be liberated from hardship and pain.   May God smile upon you both and bless you on this special day.   About … Continue reading Blessings by Laura Minning