The Good Side Of Bad…

When Gaia is veiled in obscurity

And the erratic stars ablaze

When Helois wraps up his piece

And the Luna fails to fortify us

Like the diverging rays of light,I’ll fuel your vigour

When winter befalls us

And the roarers our lofty fortress euthanize

When Venus,cloaked in swathy black,averts her gaze

And restless torment grips our sapling,

I’ll fall on my knees before “He”, the fountain of tranquility

When the tears,from my eyes arain

And the gods turn deaf ears to my pleas

When fate unleashes woes

And the furies menace at the threshold of hell,

My heart,a cushion,your soul recumbent.

Okunlola Azeezat Olayinka _Zeeyola