Dews on Wasteland by Samuel James

Is there aught so pregnant and potent As the wondrous embodiment of young breasts? Springing forth the green seed of heavy lightness Where harsh winds and storms do quietly rage, Ceasing when some queer calmness speaks peace In cheerful hours of hale and hearty company. Like dews which on wastelands drop at morn Their spirits … Continue reading Dews on Wasteland by Samuel James

Flesh by Laura Minning

Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, and dreams are meant to be shard.   That’s what he thought. That’s what he always wanted.   He was so full of life. His soul was free, but his body was weighted with illness.   His heart grew heavy with each passing day, but he never gave up, … Continue reading Flesh by Laura Minning

Blessings by Laura Minning

  May your love blossom with the ever present passing of time.   May you always know happiness and sunshine.   May you never know sorrow or rain.   And may your hearts be liberated from hardship and pain.   May God smile upon you both and bless you on this special day.   About … Continue reading Blessings by Laura Minning

What Was Your Favourite Poem From This Book?

    Here's what the poet, Eriata Oribhabor,has to say: Since the inauguration of PIN Ijaye Ojokoro (Farmhouse CC) where I publicly announced that days of free books are gone and practically ensured that members of PIN Central Network bought copies of my book including my good friend, Chike Ofilli, I have literarily "harassed" my … Continue reading What Was Your Favourite Poem From This Book?


Poets in Nigeria (PIN) is pleased to announce the release of five poetry collections drawn from the maiden edition of PIN Chapbook Series tagged Rainbow of Voices. The new titles can be downloaded free via the following links: • TO THE PEN – Godswill Enang ( • GOSPELS OF DEPRESSION – Pamilerin Jacob ( • … Continue reading PIN RELEASES FIVE POETRY COLLECTIONS FOR ITS CHAPBOOK SERIES


The day when car parts smelled like rusty tracks, levelled to nothingness like lava on the city of Pompeii,the state fell to its knees in pitiful manred. The day when rice fields smelled like a symposium of cadavers,immersing the earth in deep red hemorrhage,that perhaps vengeance might be granted to them,my brother joined the choir … Continue reading Twilight

Accept My Apologies

To Generation Unborn... Listen; I'm sorry that your little eyes may hold so much pain and atrocities,that your feeble body may never be held for as long as you deserve. I'm sorry that you'll be emotionally distressed and mentally vulnerable at such a tender age. I'm sorry that society has taken much more than it … Continue reading Accept My Apologies

To The Boys Who Would Date My Daughter

​ To the boys who would date my daughter I haven't met her mum Maybe I have met her But she is laying somewhere there in her mum's belly And I am proudly waiting For her She'll met daddy soon And I and her mum Would be so proud of her. I bet you can't … Continue reading To The Boys Who Would Date My Daughter